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How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network | Easy Steps

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network|With Images Hello Guys, Welcome to HELPSUIT, today we will be giving you a lasting solution on " how to make blogger custom Domain open on all Glo network " featuring easy steps (it a step-by-step guide). Please do not miss a step. Have you gone through many process but still the same? Have you started blaming yourself for getting custom domain?? Are you frustrated?? Some of you may ask your self what is the frustration all about. When you get a domain and decide to start you job immediately, unfortunately you discovered your site won't open on Glo. This is where frustration comes in, when you try listed solutions but still the same. Well we have pick up my pen to write this so you guys will not go through stress, we have some many steps online but few works Before we move on, let know the reason why we experience this issues/fault We should start with the introduction of Glo but it d

How To Redirect Posts/Pages Url On Blogger

How To Redirect Posts/Pages Url On Blogger Today, HELPSUIT is taking you on a ride on how to redirect posts or pages url on blogger. Sometimes, beginners find it difficult to correct their mistake, some looks for solution but the problem still reoccur they decide to copy the information from the post, then create a new post and paste the content in it. Then they delete the old one thinking they have successfully solve the problem Do you know what you just did is wrong? Deleting old post and not doing the right is very wrong, to prove it wrong, use  plagiarism checkers  to know if it detect as stolen content (copy and paste). Well all we are saying is this, you don't need to delete you publish post because of minor errors, you can easily redirect your audience to a new url be it temporary or permanent Some errors that may be committed Sure, you have reason for wanting to delete a post, I guess this might be one of the reason Incorrect permalink 404 message

How To Add Gadget To Blog On Blogger

How To Add Gadget To Blog On Blogger Making your blog look good should be your number choice, when your blog look good it will attract and call customer attention, knowing  how to beautify blog and make it look professional  is a great idea also it good to know how to add your gadgets to blog . Don't worry HELPSUIT always got your back. What Are Gadget On Blog We have up to 26 gadget on blogger, which you can use to classify your contents, some gadget on  blog include label, contact form, popular post, recent post, archiver, subscribe form, feature post, and others All these gadget have their own uses(continue reading to see uses), but nerve the less as quickly introduce how you can add gadget to your blog, like I said, it help you organise your blog in a well arranged manner  Add Gadget To Blog Including gadget to blog is one if the easiest arrangement on blog, all it requires is steps and what you have to do is this  1. Go to "

How To Add Extra Widget To Blogger Header And Footer

How To Add Extra Widget To Blogger Header And Footer  Blogger is one of the popular blogging platform, which is used mostly by newbies, blogger accept the use of external template and more others interesting features but the painful thing about blogger is you can go against laid down rules not like the other self-hosted platforms Well HELPSUIT  is not here to tell you what blogger is all about nor tell the way it helps, we are here to give you a well designed lecture on how to add extra widget to blogger header and footer Most time, you may want to add new gadget on their layout, but unfortunately you find out you have exhausted the widget add to the layout, am sure it a bit confusing (widget & gadget), most people think of it to be the same but whatever name you give to it, do not mix the up. Do you know their is different between widget & gadget? There is a lot different between them, widget is the space/layout you put in your gadgets, while gadget are pop

How To Start A Business: 8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches

How To Start A Business: 8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches Considering being your own boss? To be your own boss, you have to pass through some challenges which you must overcome, well I must let you know venturing into a business makes you to become what you want, be it a large scale or small scale business. Are you planning of owning a business? Am sure you are that why you reading this post, let me tell you this, business is not something you bump into without having a plan, if you jump into it without doing a proper research or conduct a test trust me you will be force to shutdown the business Planning to set up a business is a great thought, as you planning this also plan to meet the outside world with different customers or clients in it. Business might be tough and rough but it always have a profitable ending, that if it well planed, to make it in life you have to do something you will generate income from. Let me introduce to you what business is all

Free Plagiarism Checkers: How To Detect Stolen Content

Free Plagiarism Checkers: How To Detect Stolen Content Guys, let check if our post or content is original and let know if they have been copied or stolen from other writer Are you consigned about the uniqueness of your post? Do you want to know the status and condition of your content? Then if Yes!!! Plagiarism Checkers is the answer for those questions, let consider what plagiarism checkers is What Is Plagiarism Checker Let get to know the meaning of "PLAGIARISM". Plagiarism is the act of taking or acquiring someone's ideas, information, content, creativities and claiming them as one's/your own. This is know as theft, infringement, stealing, fraud and all other synonyms. Plagiarism Checker on the other hand is use to detect or locate instance plagiarism(theft). It helps you to detect if your articles are been stolen and also make you check if your content copyright. As a writer, am sure it hurt when you see a content you have work har

How To Change Twitter Name And Username

How To Change Twitter Name And Username Are you planning on creating a new account just because of display name and username? Well you do not need a new one while you have an existing Twitter account you can use. You may want to start a business or marketing of product and services on your Twitter account and feel the existing name is embarrassing or not proper or maybe you just want to change details, here we will give you a easy guide on how to change those names. Twitter has been in existence for long, many people even made their living from it most people advertise their product, passes business information and all other stuffs on it  Well let talk about the purpose they serve, most people may not be familiar with the purpose each of them serves. Username serve as your Twitter handle which is the name that appears on your URL, with that you can allow people to visit your page quickly by sharing the link. Look at my own Twitter link it indicating my username in