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4 Free Headlines Checker Hack You Won't Want To Forget

4 Free Headlines Checker Hack You Won't Want To Forget Want to create short headline and make it rank high in search engine? Don't know how to place headlines Most beginner find it difficult to give a better heading to a post, as a beginner you need to do research before publishing an article, and you must be concerned with the headline you are using because this headlines also help in generating traffic to blog, not only that it will make reader give full attention to your post. Most writer spend much time on headlines than what the content of the post. What Is Headlines Headline is the title of a post or an article which is located at the top of every post. It gives brief description of the message you want to pass out The headline of a post plays a very important role in that post, you post title determines if a reader should read the content or not, what am saying is this, when broadcasters want to present news they state out the headlines before reading t

How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites

How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites Back to top buttons play an important role in a website, it helps readers to quickly stroll back to content sighted earlier This button is needed mostly in long articles, so as to make it easy and convenient to scroll back to top button in just one touch. Some template brings this button along but am such free template on blogger does not come ls with it, if you have yours already but you do not like do not hesitate to pick of the plugin am dropping below Read Also:  how to use custom permalink on blogger for better seo Back To Top Plugin Here am going to give you five back to top button, and a easy way to insert it to your website

How To Create and Add Stand Alone Pages On Blog

How To Create And Add Stand Alone Pages On Blog Would you like to create and add stand alone page on your blog?  Do you know what stand alone page means? HELPSUIT wouldn't take your time on this, because it is very easy to create and add Well blogger has given us the privilege to add a stand alone page in our blog, what do we mean by stand alone page What Is Stand Alone Pages Let put it in a easy way that will make you understand quickly Stand alone page are pages that are set aside to give important details about the author, content of blog and other things consigning that blog  These pages allows users to access some certain information from your blog, as shown in that image above, stand alone page are home, privacy and policy, disclaimer, information, bio, cookies policy, contact us e.t.c With that brief explanation am sure you know what it means, and you will want to add one one your blog Well let get started, how do you do this, we will

How To Create And Submit XML Sitemap and Website URL On Google To Generate Traffic

How To Create  And Submit XML Sitemap And Website URL On Google To Generate Traffic Are you planning on placing your blog on Google search engine? Are you finding it difficult to place it? Am sure that the reason you here, and trust me you in the right place. We will be giving you a simple step-by-step guide on how to create and submit your XML sitemap and your website url, as we do do on our other post. Read  how-to-start-blogging-for-beginners  to improve blogging skills Well before going into creating and submitting xml sitemap and website url..........., let get familiar with the words we have there What Is XML Sitemap Let put this simple, sitemap is an xml file on your site that gives Google every details consigning your blog, i.e all url or links on your site will be know by Google. Submitting sitemap to Google is very important to every website, it also help to improve SEO and direct traffic to your blog.  Let take this for instant, you want to get a

How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogspot Blogger

How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogspot Blogger I guess you may not know how to use custom permalink on blogspot blogger , and what it really means. Maybe you have seen it on your blogger but you just ignore it as nothing, well it might be important and it may not be, this is depending on what you use your blog for and how much rank you want it to gain. What Is Custom Permalink Custom Permalink is used to remove some of the long or extending words from permalink and this help SEO on search engine ranking. Below is an example Automatic permalink Custom Permalink As shown above the custom permalink doesn't have how-to-use again I made use of the important words I need. Earlier blogger has no option for custom permalink that why it rank low, but now it has been include. Let show you how to make use of

How To Add And Change Favicon On Blogspot Blogger

How To Add And Change Favicon On Blogspot Blogger Have you been reading post and not getting how to add favicon on your blog? Some may not be familiar with the word Favicon, but don't get disturb we will give you a clear and understandable tips on how this work, before that let consider what Favicon is and the important. What Is Favicon Favicon is a small square icon, located at the left side of a website url. It is usually in size (16x16px, or 32x32px, or 48x48px). Those small image above is the favicon of their website, and as can see those image, am sure you can actually tell the owner of each site and also give their names. See this also Important Of Favicon We have so many important but I will give you some of them  Favicon allow user to easily recognize your blog It also stand as your blog brand  Makes blog design look good  Note: Pls this are what you should consider before creating a Favicon  Use simple favicon Don't place to

How To Remove Date From Blogger Url (Permalink)

How To Remove Date From Blogger Url (Permalink) I know you must have been finding it difficult to get rid of date from your blogger permalink which is the same as post url We will be giving you a great tutorial on how you can do this but before that let know the rules of implement What Is Permalink Like I said earlier, it is the same as blog url, but let go deep on this permalink is the permanent location of one's post or content, it the link you send to people to view your post This is an example of permalink with date: Why Should I Remove Date From Permalink I know you must have be thinking why this post is out, do I really need to remove the date of my url Mostly it not important and also important that two ways, but the important is much I guess,when searching for post online you hardly see post with date. The the most important is that it help improve your SEO on