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How To Create And Submit XML Sitemap and Website URL On Google To Generate Traffic

How To Create  And Submit XML Sitemap And Website URL On Google To Generate Traffic Are you planning on placing your blog on Google search engine? Are you finding it difficult to place it? Am sure that the reason you here, and trust me you in the right place. We will be giving you a simple step-by-step guide on how to create and submit your XML sitemap and your website url, as we do do on our other post. Read  how-to-start-blogging-for-beginners  to improve blogging skills Well before going into creating and submitting xml sitemap and website url..........., let get familiar with the words we have there What Is XML Sitemap Let put this simple, sitemap is an xml file on your site that gives Google every details consigning your blog, i.e all url or links on your site will be know by Google. Submitting sitemap to Google is very important to every website, it also help to improve SEO and direct traffic to your blog.  Let take this for instant, you want to get a