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How To Pick A Perfect Name For Blog

How To Pick A Perfect Name For Your Blog  Are you finding it difficult to name your blog?  Is your name not incorporate with your blog?  Here are some solution to your problem As a beginner you must not just bump into giving your blog what every name that suit your own thought, you blog must be name after what every activities you do on it It helps reader to quickly know what you passing out even without looking at your description, use my page for example . if it your first time hearing this name, with the dot-com, you know it a website not only that you can also guess what the site is all about, you may say it help for different things that give satisfaction (suit).  I know it so add to just tag a name to a blog because I also face that problem of give a name to my blog but with the help of research, am sure you can beat this.  What To Consider Before Naming A Blog As a beginner things need to be check and consider before name a blog be

How To Start Blogging For Beginners

How To Start Blogging For Beginners (Updated version) Have you ever think of blogging before? Do you know what blogging is all about? Do you have zeal for it? If Yes I will be showing you how to get start with it but before that you as a beginner need to know what blogging is all about.  What is a Blog?   A blog is a website that allow user to reflect, share opinion, and discuss various topic in a form of an online journal, while readers gives comment on various written topics. This blog can be in various form, it can be (Personal journal, News, Business and other interesting topics).  Blogging is interesting if you have passion for it, even when you are not good in writing articles when you start blogging with zeal you will be perfect, but always remember to write in a way people will understand do not use words that are not easy to understand in blogging, make use of simple terms. With what have written i hope you should understand what blogging is, it a

How To Easily Zip And Unzip Files With Smartphones

How To Easily Zip And Unzip Files With Smartphones Are you having issues unzipping your files? Do you even know how to unzip files? Have you ever wonder how you can send a large file to company or individual without stressing yourself? Well we are here to give answer to all your difficulties on zip and unzip files without using computer Let kick start with what is a zip file? What is a zip file? Zip files are files that contains one or more document, these documents are compressed either for reduction of storage or for easy transmission (easy send). While a reader unzip a file, he has gain the permission or access to use the document How To Unzip Files I will be giving you 2 ways of unzipping a file with different apps the first app is FILES BY GOOGLE and the second is ES FILE EXPLORE. Using files by Google  1. All you to need to do is  go to Google play store, download "File by Google",  2. Open the app and find the file you want to unzip, th

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Cash Online  Some people do ask themselves this question how can I make money in this hard economic? many have skills but don't have money to utilize this skills and eventually this skills die  Well am here to introduce you to a business that makes you generate money without stress even you can be a worker and still partake in this business,  it all about using your social media to promote others business and get paid from it.  I know you will be wondering what this business is all about, it an online platform that you don't stress yourself with you can use these time washed in viewing status that are irrelevant to do this,  without wasting time it an online business named VIRALTREND. All you need to start this is to get your social media account(Facebook, Twitter, IG, YouTube) active, And also register fees which you will pay it yourself #500 or #1250 depending on the your capacity and how you what to earn more Viraltrend is test and trusted