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Free Plagiarism Checkers: How To Detect Stolen Content

Free Plagiarism Checkers: How To Detect Stolen Content
Guys, let check if our post or content is original and let know if they have been copied or stolen from other writer
Are you consigned about the uniqueness of your post?
Do you want to know the status and condition of your content?
Then if Yes!!! Plagiarism Checkers is the answer for those questions, let consider what plagiarism checkers is

What Is Plagiarism Checker Let get to know the meaning of "PLAGIARISM".
Plagiarism is the act of taking or acquiring someone's ideas, information, content, creativities and claiming them as one's/your own. This is know as theft, infringement, stealing, fraud and all other synonyms. Plagiarism Checker on the other hand is use to detect or locate instance plagiarism(theft). It helps you to detect if your articles are been stolen and also make you check if your content copyright.

As a writer, am sure it hurt when you see a content you have work hard for on someone else page and even ra…

4 Free Headlines Checker Hack You Won't Want To Forget

4 Free Headlines Checker Hack You Won't Want To Forget
Want to create short headline and make it rank high in search engine?

Don't know how to place headlines

Most beginner find it difficult to give a better heading to a post, as a beginner you need to do research before publishing an article, and you must be concerned with the headline you are using because this headlines also help in generating traffic to blog, not only that it will make reader give full attention to your post. Most writer spend much time on headlines than what the content of the post.

What Is Headlines Headline is the title of a post or an article which is located at the top of every post. It gives brief description of the message you want to pass out

The headline of a post plays a very important role in that post, you post title determines if a reader should read the content or not, what am saying is this, when broadcasters want to present news they state out the headlines before reading the content of th…

How To Pick A Perfect Name For Blog

How To Pick A Perfect Name For Your Blog 
Are you finding it difficult to name your blog? 
Is your name not incorporate with your blog? 
Here are some solution to your problem
As a beginner you must not just bump into giving your blog what every name that suit your own thought, you blog must be name after what every activities you do on it
It helps reader to quickly know what you passing out even without looking at your description, use my page for if it your first time hearing this name, with the dot-com, you know it a website not only that you can also guess what the site is all about, you may say it help for different things that give satisfaction (suit). 
I know it so add to just tag a name to a blog because I also face that problem of give a name to my blog but with the help of research, am sure you can beat this.  What To Consider Before Naming A Blog As a beginner things need to be check and consider before name a blog because if you don't you will have to ke…

What Should I Blog About

What Should I Blog About
Are you a blogger finding it difficult to put in writing on your blog? 
Do you even know want to write or blog on? 
Do you know what blogging is all about? 
Have you given answers to the above questions?

Let give you a tip on what a blog is

What Is A BlogBlog is the sharing of one's ideas and knowledge through the employment of Internet, that is sharing of one's own ideas and opinions.

First thing to do as a beginner is to think on what to blog on, this is the very first important thing to do as a beginner you have to know what you want to blog on so you would be encouraged to write more article. For example I as a blogger blog on Phone(software and hardware), business development and blog mentoring because I know more about this things.

I know it difficult for beginners to understand what to blog on, that why am giving this text out, for a beginner to beat this challenge. Below are what to be considered

Things To Be Considered Before Writing An Articles 1. Bl…

How To Start Blogging For Beginners

How To Start Blogging For Beginners (Updated version)

Have you ever think of blogging before?
Do you know what blogging is all about?

Do you have zeal for it?

If Yes I will be showing you how to get start with it but before that you as a beginner need to know what blogging is all about. 
What is a Blog?   A blog is a website that allow user to reflect, share opinion, and discuss various topic in a form of an online journal, while readers gives comment on various written topics. This blog can be in various form, it can be (Personal journal, News, Business and other interesting topics). 
Blogging is interesting if you have passion for it, even when you are not good in writing articles when you start blogging with zeal you will be perfect, but always remember to write in a way people will understand do not use words that are not easy to understand in blogging, make use of simple terms.

With what have written i hope you should understand what blogging is, it all about sharing of your kno…

How To Easily Zip And Unzip Files With Smartphones

How To Easily Zip And Unzip Files With Smartphones
Are you having issues unzipping your files?
Do you even know how to unzip files?

Have you ever wonder how you can send a large file to company or individual without stressing yourself?

Well we are here to give answer to all your difficulties on zip and unzip files without using computer
Let kick start with what is a zip file?

What is a zip file? Zip files are files that contains one or more document, these documents are compressed either for reduction of storage or for easy transmission (easy send). While a reader unzip a file, he has gain the permission or access to use the document

How To Unzip Files I will be giving you 2 ways of unzipping a file with different apps the first app is FILES BY GOOGLE and the second is ES FILE EXPLORE.

Using files by Google  1. All you to need to do is  go to Google play store, download "File by Google",

 2. Open the app and find the file you want to unzip, the image below is showing the fi…