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How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites

How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites

Back to top buttons play an important role in a website, it helps readers to quickly stroll back to content sighted earlier
This button is needed mostly in long articles, so as to make it easy and convenient to scroll back to top button in just one touch.

Some template brings this button along but am such free template on blogger does not come ls with it, if you have yours already but you do not like do not hesitate to pick of the plugin am dropping below

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Back To Top Plugin Here am going to give you five back to top button, and a easy way to insert it to your website…

How To Remove Date From Blogger Url (Permalink)

How To Remove Date From Blogger Url (Permalink)
I know you must have been finding it difficult to get rid of date from your blogger permalink which is the same as post url
We will be giving you a great tutorial on how you can do this but before that let know the rules of implement

What Is Permalink Like I said earlier, it is the same as blog url, but let go deep on this permalink is the permanent location of one's post or content, it the link you send to people to view your post
This is an example of permalink with date:
Why Should I Remove Date From Permalink I know you must have be thinking why this post is out, do I really need to remove the date of my url Mostly it not important and also important that two ways, but the important is much I guess,when searching for post online you hardly see post with date. The the most important is that it help improve your SEO on Google.
Effect Of Removing…

How To Add Copyright To Blogspot Blogger

How To Add Copyright To Blogspot Blogger

Having problems with copyright?
Most people find it difficult to place copyright symbol on their page, just keep calm we going to get your problem solved on this page.

What Is Copyright Copyright is a legal right and also protection given to owner of a work (media, books, write-up, post, print, musical material, movies, songs, website, pictures), i.e it a law,that gives an author total control of is work. Law has made this easy by protecting one's work from being duplicate 
The copyright notice at the bottom of our pages claim that all the content or material in that site cannot be copied without permission of the owner.

Important Of CopyrightGives you total control of you content Work cannot be duplicate by anyone It gives you opportunity to grant access to interested usersCopyright law make it easy for you to make money with your Contents Well you can also register your work with the US copyright office for you to grant total access to y…

How To Remove Designed By Copyright On Blogger Easily

How To Remove Designed By Copyright On Blogger Easily
Welcome to the right source where you can easily implement trick on your blogger
Today, I will be showing you how to remove designed by copyright mark or logo on your free template, the cause of this is because that template is not yours, and I know you can't afford to buy a template, the price of some template is even more than the money one can use in purchasing is, let leave that aside.

These links are insert by the developer by Javascript or CSS, but you do have a choice either you purchase premium template with no copyright attachment or download free template and learn this trick, the reason they put in this copyright link is to direct you to the developer website and as well indicate it free, and am very sure you don't need this on your blog, you can also read this post on how to beautify blog and make it look professional

I know you must have been trying to remove this yourself but it still remain the sa…