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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the the best and top source for making money online. It give you as an affiliate marketer the privilege to get long break, in essence it a part-time online job. To make money with affiliate marketing is very easy.

This marketing is not an online platform and also not a share a post and earn forum. It a business that deals with marketing, advertising, promoting and sales. 

As a affiliate marketer, you serve as a middleman between a company (source) and  customer, who may as well be the consumer. Let continue you would get to know where the cash comes from..

Like I said earlier, affiliate marketing is easy. 

Yes, and you can even make money when you go for long break, but the funny true is that, it takes a lot of patience and time to build and make it strong. With this people still long the business because it a self business, you be your own boss and also the cost of capital is zero.

Let look deep into affiliate marketing......

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the process of getting commission for promoting businesses and sales of their product from your referral.

Internet has made it easier for business to promote their product to large numbers of people. For Products and Services to be well know and use, it needs the help of affiliate marketer to also share the existence of the business product and services to those in their reach.

For you to become an affiliate marketer, all you need is to create relationship with supplies (source) and the customers (those who need the product).

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

A very good question, it good to know how it work before moving on with the business. 

Affiliate marketing works in a very simple format 
  1. Recommend business products and services to customers/audiences online using your affiliate link
  2. When your customer buys or acquire the product using your affiliate link 
  3. You get paid for the sale made 
Just with this format you make a live, I mean a huge cash.

Benefit Derive from Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing you have big benefit than other job. He benefit is has follow
  1. Easy to start
  2. It a part-time job
  3. Being your own boss 
  4. Low or No Capital

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Yeah, this is the main reason for this post, since you have understand what affiliate marketing is, it won't be a big issues to make money with it.

These are all you need to start earning form affiliate marketing:

1. Create A Website or Blog
Yes, you need a blog or website to place and promote your affiliate link

Do you have a blog or website?

Do you own one already??

If you own one already, you can continue reading but if you don't I have a solution.

You now have a website or blog to put your affiliate link.

What next??

You got some few step left but before that, know the kind of affiliate marketer you want to become, the reason is when your blog or website niche is not corresponding with your affiliate link it would be so hard to get customer.

So you need to go for affiliate marketing with your blog niche.

For those that doesn't understand what blog niche is, the simple meaning is your areas of concentration.

2. Choose Affiliate Products Source
Since you now have a website and have pick a good niche for you website and also a befitting affiliate product.

It time you pick a source where you can get affiliate link, we have so many but i am recommending just two, you can as well go online for others

  1. ShareASale
  2. CJ Affiliate

From those you can get the kind of product you will like to promote and also they have analysis of trending products you can easily get customers for.

3. Good Qualities
Good Qualities matters for any product you are recommending to your audiences, always make sure it of a good quality.

Your customers satisfaction should be your consign, take is for example HELPSUIT, fight for customers satisfaction.

4. Promote Affiliate Links With Quality Contents 
Now you've set everything, you need to promote your affiliate link with content on your blog.

On your website or blog, write a great content on what the product does, it benefit, it disadvantage e.t.c

Also write quality content on your blog to keep your readers engaged, you can as well put some of the link on your blog post.

5. Boost Your Affiliate Earning
To make your income increase, you need to make use of different means.

Use diverse of way to boost your earning, some of the methods recommended are:

  1. Social Medias - Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, LinkedIn e.t.c
  2. Make use of Banner Ads
  3. Make use of Email and Text Ads
  4. Create Video of product 
  5. Create Logos


We have made you the best way, to make money with affiliate marketing, make good application of the above trick when starting.

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