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How To Make Money From Whatsapp

Make money from WhatsApp

I know you will be wondering and same time asking yourself how is it possible to make money from WhatsApp.
Well you don't need to bother too much as our name implies HELPSUIT your satisfaction is our priority, we will give you all way you need to be active.

Whatsapp know have interesting features since Facebook took over ad now you can even earn huge from it.

Doing this it requires no capital #zerocapital, am sure you glad to hear this. Most people prefer using Whatsapp than any other social media, use your browser check analysis for social media and you see it has more number of active users.

Am sure many people that this media for just chatting not knowing has an internal juice. Well, we are not here for that, let talk about how you earn this with this media.

It requires simple business strategies and techniques to run this.

To run this you have to meet up with some requirements, they are not stressful

  1. Have large numbers of people in your contact list
  2. Join groups with large number of audience

Those are what you need to fit in for this earning. The reason for this is, you need to interact with people, you need audience to grow your business and also you advertisement is meant for humans.

Now, if you have meet this requirement let move on. Here we have few ways you can use to earn from WhatsApp.

How To Make Money From Whatsapp

Like I said it requires simple strategies and techniques, have a good way to hold your audience so you can turn them to be your customers. The list below is how you can earn cash.
  1. Broadcast Affiliate links
  2. Whatsapp Marketer
  3. Sell e-book
  4. Whatsapp Teacher
  5. Market Self Products and Services
  6. Refer Friends
With this little, am sure you many your cash on it. Let give an explanation.....

1. Broadcast Affiliate Links
Do not be confused about what affiliated links are, they are links that contains affiliate user ID and Username, it is use to record traffic from the owner.

When you share your affiliate links to Whatsapp group and status, with a whatsapp containing more that 800 active users, with one click you should know what you earn.

2. Whatsapp Marketer
It is very easy to become a marketer on WhatsApp, it does not require any registration, no fees involved.

What you need is just the requirements need high is stated above.
When you have this, it time you advertise yourself (what you do). To advertise yourself, look for any active forum, groups and other media, tell them you can help them "promote their business on WhatsApp" or "advertise your business to more than 1000 active Whatsapp users".

You know people do not believe easily, this place you also need business strategies and techniques. If by chance you get a customer, move to your WhatsApp and promote their business on your Status and Groups.

3. Sell E-books
E-books has given so many people chance to live, they made a lot from e-book sales.

You can make cash from selling to your audience on WhatsApp.

4. Whatsapp Teacher
 So many people are willing to learn but do not have the time to sit in a classroom filled with or without students.

Pave your way into teaching and earn from it, all you need is to broadcast yourself, paste on forums, groups, pages, and others do you need Whatsapp online teacher.

Give your tutorial a name learn-hub is a good example and also state clearly what you want to teach.

5. Market Self Products and Services
This is also a great way to earn from WhatsApp, instead of running others product you can as well market your business to your audience and customers through this media

Make good design of product you sell and also make complementary cards for you business and this how your daily income will increase.

If you do not have a product to market, kindly go online and search for market that sells goods, create an account with them, copy and paste their pictures on your WhatsApp and start earning from it.

6. Refer Friends
One of the best business today is referring, when you refer people to buy a product you get commission.

Most application offer this format, people refer Friends to buy land, house, car, e.t.c. Make it one time with referral business


It now easy for us to make money from WhatsApp, with zero capital, remember to utilize strategies and techniques in any of the following ways stated.

We still have so many ways you can earn, so keep in touch 

Please HELP us by sharing our post and also subscribe to our mail.


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