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Like Booster: How To Get Free Facebook Likes And Followers

like booster: get free facebook likes and followers

Facebook in this recent age has been the number one source of advertisement. It also the best tool to promote business. For people to know your business you need to get free likes and followers.

Likes and Followers has a great impact when promoting on Facebook, with more followers (audience) product and services will know to the society.

Also audience helps in sharing of publish goods and with this it goes viral, which is the aim of every firms.

Most business organization now say facebook is old fashion, it does not work for promotion again, but the truth is no product and services can grow without letting people know of it.

Recently, businesses strength is on advertisement and marketing to make product meet the right consumers (users).

Well, we all know what Facebook is and how it been used/operate. Users of Facebook can be classified into two, which are the Personal users and Business users.

No one is left out this article is meant for both parties but our focus will be more on the business part.

Today, I'm going to show you how to get Likes and Followers for free on your Facebook pages and post.

In this post, we will give you just 6 tips that will get you massive Likes and Followers.

Seriously, it just 6.

Take a good look a the six tips

  1. Create viral contents
  2. Invite people to your page 
  3. Host Giveaway and Contest
  4. Run Facebook Ads
  5. Get tagged by customers and pages
  6. Post Video Content

This are all what you need to get and achieve your goals, now let me explain how you use them.

This six tips are very useful and effective, if you make good use of them. Also before using this tips you must get your Facebook page or Facebook group running.

Now let start......

How To Get Free Facebook Likes And Followers

1. Create Viral Contents

Viral Contents helps much in a pages, this content can be classified into different categories, it all depending on your niche (i.e our business focus), post content that will make people tag their friends in your post. 
Add a quote and funny jokes and ask your audience to (tag a friend that love them) or say something that requires tagging and at the same time goes along with you post. You may also put a little write-up about your business, then ask them to tag that friend that will like to use the product.
With this interested parties will begin to like and follow your page.....

2. Invite People To Your Page

It the best and easiest way to get followers on Facebook, but also a sensitive one. Facebook gives the chance to invite people and can still block your Facebook page for inviting so many.
The only way you can overcome being blocked by Facebook is having limited numbers of people you invite in a day and also do not invite frequently.

3. Host Giveaway and Contest

To be frank, this part gives more followers and likes than any other, their is just a reason behind it, which is it involves free stuffs.
No one will want to be late when they are giving things without payment, and that the opportunity you use to execute your own plan.
Throw out free package with your product, e.g buy one get one as bonus or run a contest (invite 20 people and get a bonus). From their you get followers and likes on your published product.

4. Run Facebook Ads

Using this tools, you have to let some cash out of your wallet. 
Facebook has made it easy to pass your advert across all interested consumers and also help you create visibility for your brand and product.

5. Get Tag By Customers and Other Pages

You can easily ask your customers to tag your product after they derive satisfaction from it, it can also be said a promoting.
Beg they to share testimony about your goods and services.
To get tagged by pages is a bit difficult, but when you use this method am pretty sure you get a page to tag you
Search for pages you have same audience with, feature their product with yours and post it on their page i.e you may be selling wears you can simply look for businesses that sells wristwatch, then take a advert photograph promoting your wear and their wristwatch and share it on their pages.

6. Post Video Content

Facebook users consume a lot of videos daily. Facebook videos has made it easy to recognize a product and it's brand, 
Most popular business grow through this, you can also make short videos about your product on facebook tell your customers how it works and the end product.


This article has done it best, it has been able to lead you on how you get free Facebook likes and followers, 
Facebook has more possible ways to get Likes and Followers but most are not effective. You can simply rate how effective this is by putting down a comment.

And also help us share our articles, Sharing Is Caring.


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