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How To Start A Business: 8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches

How To Start A Business: 8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches

Effective start a business elevator pitches

  • Considering being your own boss?
To be your own boss, you have to pass through some challenges which you must overcome, well I must let you know venturing into a business makes you to become what you want, be it a large scale or small scale business.
  • Are you planning of owning a business?
Am sure you are that why you reading this post, let me tell you this, business is not something you bump into without having a plan, if you jump into it without doing a proper research or conduct a test trust me you will be force to shutdown the business

Planning to set up a business is a great thought, as you planning this also plan to meet the outside world with different customers or clients in it. Business might be tough and rough but it always have a profitable ending, that if it well planed, to make it in life you have to do something you will generate income from.

Let me introduce to you what business is all about, most people would say business is buying and selling, well it's no doubt,we render services, sells goods in business, but do you know business in this age has gone beyond that, business now comprises of many component......... Why did you want to start a business? It a personal question, answer that on your own.

What Is A Business?

Like I said business has gone beyond buying and selling, the question now is what is 
a business
A Business is an organization entity, that engage in all commercial activities, explore new idea and skills, meet new people, render utilities, also create employment opportunities, and also for the generation of profit.
Business can be form for making profit organization or non-profit organization. Most non-profit are owned by the government and group of individuals to help their citizens.

It seems it getting much interesting, however, you have to make some sacrifices to get start a business, which is your "time" and "money",  well if you've made up your mind to starting a business, we have made you 8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches, which we will be rendering for free

8 Effective Start A Business Elevator Pitches

Start a business requires skills, money and time, am very sure after reading this carefully you will understand what I mean. The following are what you need to start a business and become your own boss


What do I mean by self-rating, it otherwise know as Self-evalution
It the process of observing, analyzing and consideration of one's development, progress, learning and experiences in order to enhance them.
Now let relate this to setting business, before starting a business you need to know the following:
  •  What you capable of doing
  • Know your strength and weakness consigning business
  • Ask yourself questions like:
a. Am I ready for this 
b. Can I bear the risk of business
c. Do I have passion and managing skills and lot more 


When fishing for business idea to start with, always take note of this, not all business idea are profitable, some doesn't worth starting with.
Let give you a business idea you may count useful

  • Skills: when venturing into a new business and get stuck of what to do, please remember your skills, take a deep thought of what you know how to do.
  • Fix problem: Yes! Fix problem, what this mean is that, go in search for issues people in your area or society are going through, and try looking for solution.
  • Services rendered to you: pick one of the services rendered like dry cleaning, barbing, teaching, and all others.
Note: whatever idea you decided on make sure it profitable and also aim to satisfy needs 


Market research is the putting or gathering of data about ones customer, product and services, target audience to know the standard of a business.

Blog.Hubspot says: market research tells you where these members of your audience and base of customers are conducting their own buyer research about products and services similar to those you sell. It also tells you what's trending in your industry, what your target audience and customers want and need out of product and services like yours, and what's influencing their decision to convert and buy. Learn how to do market research

It necessary for a business man to do analysis and evaluate is business, to ensure if he is still on track, recognize your competitors, customers, target market is the best way to build your business. 


Capital is necessary in every business, it used to run the daily affairs if the business, while planning of starting a business, know the cost estimate of the business you are going into so as to avoid breakdown of the business 

People start their business by funding the business themselves while other go for loan, nerve give chance to bankruptcy in your business.


Are you done with the first four elevator pitches?

Let proceed, this stage is the most important in starting a business, this is where you lay the foundation of the business, and am sure you know what it means to lay foundation.

However, for you to set-up your business in a well laid foundation, you have to put some factor into consideration and also know the prons and cons of the business you've chosen.

Some of the factors to be considered
  • Name: As we all know every business make use of name, also your business name stand as the identity of that business. When pick a name for business consider the niche you are focusing on
  • Type: What type of business are you going into, is it sole proprietorship(one man business) or partnership (which consist of 2-20 individuals) or corporation. You have to figure this out.
  • Location: Choosing the  best place for your business gives you the privilege to meet more customers, while choosing a location put the following into consideration, cost of place, transportation cost, rules and regulations of the vicinity, customer convince, product condition and others.


Business registration is important after laying your business foundation, to avoid unnecessary distrub from the government agency

In Nigeria you register your business with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC), whatever the business maybe you have to legalize it by registration.

And also apply for licenses and permits to run your business smoothly without been disturbed 


Am so sure you have created this business to achieve some certain goals and objectives, well after you have successfully done the 6 elevator pitches, the next step is achieving goals, how do you go about this

You can surely grow your business and meet certain goals by promoting your business. Without the advert of a new product no one will know it exists.

Promote your business through mass tools like the social medias, broadcasting, advertise,e.t.c.


After many stress you need to know the results of your hard work, business is about risk so don't be afraid to know the result 

The reward of an entrepreneur is profit or loss, your first trial might be fruitful or otherwise, do not relent all you need to do is learn from your mistake and make amendment


Friend you done with it, take a step now by using the following elevator pitches, find a nice and profitable business to start with and earn big, do not be afraid when you see your first result and also learn from mistake.
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