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How To Redirect Posts/Pages Url On Blogger

How To Redirect Posts/Pages Url On Blogger

post redirect on blogger

Today, HELPSUIT is taking you on a ride on how to redirect posts or pages url on blogger.

Sometimes, beginners find it difficult to correct their mistake, some looks for solution but the problem still reoccur they decide to copy the information from the post, then create a new post and paste the content in it. Then they delete the old one thinking they have successfully solve the problem

Do you know what you just did is wrong?

Deleting old post and not doing the right is very wrong, to prove it wrong, use plagiarism checkers to know if it detect as stolen content (copy and paste).

Well all we are saying is this, you don't need to delete you publish post because of minor errors, you can easily redirect your audience to a new url be it temporary or permanent

Some errors that may be committed

Sure, you have reason for wanting to delete a post, I guess this might be one of the reason
  • Incorrect permalink
  • 404 message
  • Incomplete post
  • Wrong placement
These errors, get beginners confused and the next step most take is to delete them to avoid rough work, but did you know eliminating any of the post publish before makes you lose audience, well you do not need this, like I said earlier all you need is to redirect the post to a prefer url.

Redirect Posts/Pages To A New Url

All you need to perform this task is the permalink(url) of the post you want to redirect (both the new and old url), after that we proceed to setting the custom redirect

  1. Open your browser, go to, then sign-in to your blogger account
  2. Select the account you want to perform this action on 
  3. On the left side of your board, select *settings*, and some features will pop out, now click on "search preference", as displayed below 

  4. On your screen, look for *custom redirects*, beside it you see *edit*, click on it to enlight it properties
  5. This is where you put in your url, as shown below, follow the steps as number form 4 to 8, now get your url ready

(From) - on the box tag 4, place old url (the page you don't want to show)

(To) - tag 5, put new url (page you want to show)

(Permanent) - tag 6, if you want this to be automatically redirect thick the box, but if it a temporary one leave it 

(Save) - tag 7, save your work

(Save changes) - tag 8, save changes to complete your task

Note: when place your post url, you don't have to post every thing. See below
When you want to custom redirect a link like this

You do not need to add your blog name, just start from (/)

Wrapping Up

Yeah, finally we got to the end of this, try redirect posts url on blogger and you see it not important to delete post.

Posts and Pages you can delete are those post you do not want to make a copy, post that has not been index, post that the link has not been share.

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  1. Good question from you
    If you have a post before and you want to change the custom permalink, kindly copy the recent url then go to your post and change the permalink, when you done update it

    After that copy the new url and apply the steps given above

  2. Greeing from infoleading. You commented on one of my post that your blogger custom domain blog doesn't open with glo network. Well if it is this one, it actually opened.


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