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How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network | Easy Steps

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network|With Images

Hello Guys,

Welcome to HELPSUIT, today we will be giving you a lasting solution on "how to make blogger custom Domain open on all Glo network" featuring easy steps (it a step-by-step guide). Please do not miss a step.

Have you gone through many process but still the same?

Have you started blaming yourself for getting custom domain??

Are you frustrated??

Some of you may ask your self what is the frustration all about. When you get a domain and decide to start you job immediately, unfortunately you discovered your site won't open on Glo. This is where frustration comes in, when you try listed solutions but still the same.

Well we have pick up my pen to write this so you guys will not go through stress, we have some many steps online but few works

Before we move on, let know the reason why we experience this issues/fault

We should start with the introduction of Glo but it does not matter because we all know about this network, it one of the network that has large number of users

Why Is Blogger Custom Domain Not Working On Glo

This issue occurs on blogger that has custom domain and https activated (on), but do you know even when you put it in http, this problem still occurs

Meaning of HTTPS and HTTP

HTTPS - is a web referring protocol with a security

HTTP - is a web referring protocol without a security

These web referring protocol has their own advantages and disadvantages but users prefer using HTTPS, but all this problem those not occur on the free domain extension "".

How To - "the beginning"

It is so easy to make your custom domain work on blog, but we have two options
  1. Migrate to Wordpress
  2. Connect Blogger to Cloudflare
The option is yours to pick after the explanation.......

  • Migrate To Wordpress
This is the best idea but not the best option, that if you can afford to pay monthly

Moving your blog to (self-hosted) gives you more advantages over blogger, in wordpress you don't always deal with your html, just insert your plugin.

But if you can afford to pay for monthly hosting and plugin, then go for this second option. Like I said the choice is yours to make.

  • Connect Blogger to Cloudflare
If you conclude using this option, that means you want to keep blogger moving, we let me say blogger is the best of all platform. All you need to provide is

  • Get your device ready (mobile phone/computer)
  • Access to Domain Registrar
  • Gmail or Email Address
  • Cloudflare Account (continue reading we will teach you how to open it)

Note: All steps must be followed till the end and do not miss any step.

What To Do Before Blogger Open On Glo Network

To Make you custom domain work on blogspot, you have to fix this first.
  1. Check if your site is redirect and connected
  2. Activate HTTPS on blogspot
 To activate your HTTPS on blogspot, sign-in blogger>>choose prefer account>>settings>>basic>>

Then choose "YES" for both "HTPS"  *availability and redirect* as shown on the image below

However, after doing this your site would be Redirect to HTTPS, so wait for some minutes for it to activate, after that go to the next step.

Note: To avoid saying this content is not working, do not bypass this step!!!!!!!

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Solution For Blogger Custom Domain Not Opening On Glo Network

After getting all what need to fix this problem, we will be working on three stages (with steps in them) to fix this problem which are:

  1. Create Cloudflare Account
  2. Login To Domain Registrar (have access to your dashboard and  others)
  3. Do Some Settings On Cloudflare

Do not be afraid we got your back!!!!!

Note: it is very important for you not to miss any stages and steps

Stage 1 - Create Cloudflare Account

1. Go to,

2. Sign up>>provide email>>choose password>>verify mail. (a mail will be send to your provided email, open your mail then verify),

3. After that a box will be provided, then add your site on it (, then click on "add site",

4. Some features will pop out (we are querying your DNS record), just click "next" to proceed

5. Choose a plan: you choose a plan depending on you capacity, but for start let pick first plan (tap on it to select) and click on "confirm plan",
Note: you can only use one domain on this plan 

6. On the next page, Cloudflare will provide all your DNS server records, review if all DNS record were identify in the query result,

Then those that (DNS record) are not turn on (to identify: those that are on has orange colour, those that are off has black colour) turn them on by tapping on it and it will bring orange colour, after that click "next" to continue,

7. Cloudflare will provide you 2 nameserver just click on "copy" to copy them

After copying the nameserver, go to your domain provide and change/replace the domain nameserver with Cloudflare nameserver

To do this visit google and type how to change nameserver on GoDaddy or Namecheap (replace GoDaddy or Namecheap with your own Domain Registrar name). But if you do not want to go through this step and you use Namecheap, just continue reading I will take you on how to change the nameserver.

8. After changing leave tab open (do not close the page), this is the end of this stage.

Note: Cloudflare said, it will take 24hours for nameserver to update, but nerve mind the hours, it will update in some minutes.

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Stage 2- Login To Your Domain Registrar

Open "new tab" on that same browser, this stage is only for those that uses Namecheap, for other Domain Registrar go to Google, on the search engine type how to change nameserver on yourdomainname

Now let process for Namecheap users

1. Go to

2. Login your account, then move to your "domain list" after that, click on "manage", see description below,

3. Scroll down till you see *nameserver*, on the tag 3 , click on it then choose "custom DNS" as your option,

4. Now, input the copied code on the first and second line (paste code accordingly), then save your work by clicking on the "green mark", if it successful you receive a message saying, it will take 48hours to propagate,

5. Then go back to the other tab, after some minutes click "Re-check now", if all what you have set is successful you receive a notice.

Yes, we are done with this stags, before going to the last stage give this process some minutes form it to change, after that "refresh" your Cloudflare account to check if it has been changed.

Stage 3- Do Some Settings On Cloudflare

All we are doing in this stage is to configure all settings, so your domain can work fine on Glo and browsers.

In stage 3, we will be dealing with 6 steps, with are label in the diagram below

Step 1- SSL/TLS
(a) Click on the first step, then select full (strict)

(b) Navigate to "Edge Certificate", then on all the following below

Step 2- Firewall
(a) On firewall, select "settings", then change *security level* to "low"

Step 3- Speed
(a) Go to step 3 and click on "speed", then navigate to "overview", after that look for *Auto Minify*, lastly "tick" the box as shown beneath

Step 4- Caching
(a) Click on step 4 (caching), navigate to *standard*, then put "on" always online

Step 5- Page Rule
On page rule, we are going to create three rules, so let begin.....
To begin with the first rule click on *page rule* at the top, then select "create page rules" as show above. So let begin with creating the 3 rules

(a) add new page, enter your url http://**, then go for the setting, click on the box and select "Always Online", then Turn it "On", after that click on "Save and Deploy". See below

 (b) After saving rule one, create a new page rule, enter your url*, after that select the box and pick "Forwarding URL" and "301-Permanent Redirect", after that "Save and "Deploy"

(C)  Create new rule, add URL*, also pick "Forwarding URL" and "301-Permanent Redirect", then "Save and Deploy" 
Note: the URL for the (b) and (c) are not the same so do not make mistake of interchanging them.

Step 6- Network
(a) Navigate to "network", then put "ON"  all the following below

After all this reload your site to see the wonderful magic you just perform.

Wrapping Up How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network

Hopefully, you have successfully learn how to make domain open on Glo

Now, no restriction of network, all network can now open your site 

Did it all work on your blog??? 
Give the answer on the comment section

If you find it difficult to fix, kindly use our contact form so we can help you fix it......

Pls Kindly inform us if we didn't satisfy your want because that the main reason we are called HELPSUIT - HELPSATISFY

Help us grow: by sharing our work on social media, commenting, subscribe to our mailing and keeping yourself engaged with our content.


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