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How To Change Twitter Name And Username

How To Change Twitter Name And Username

Twitter logo on how to change name and username

Are you planning on creating a new account just because of display name and username?
Well you do not need a new one while you have an existing Twitter account you can use.

You may want to start a business or marketing of product and services on your Twitter account and feel the existing name is embarrassing or not proper or maybe you just want to change details, here we will give you a easy guide on how to change those names.

Twitter has been in existence for long, many people even made their living from it most people advertise their product, passes business information and all other stuffs on it 

Well let talk about the purpose they serve, most people may not be familiar with the purpose each of them serves. Username serve as your Twitter handle which is the name that appears on your URL, with that you can allow people to visit your page quickly by sharing the link. Look at my own Twitter link it indicating my username in their:
While the name serve as your display name that viewer or follower sees which is located at profile above the username

If you think it time to change details, here we have a simple steps on our to change it both on mobile app and on browsers. Changing names on Twitter is quite different from Facebook and other social media where you have to input password and go through stress, it completely easy, It better than creating new account and lose your follower,tweet and others.

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Note this, you are not going to lose any content on on your account, your followers, comment, tweet, I mean everything will be intact so do not bother, like I said it stress free.

How To Change Twitter Name

Like I said we are going to teach you how to change on mobile app and browsers
Quickly go to your phone menu and open your Twitter app, then follow this easy steps
  1. Now you on the app, click on home which is located at the top left of your app, see picture below
  2. Those features below will pop out, take the second step by hitting on the profile,  now click on edit profile, we are half way to go
  3. After clicking on the edit profile, change your display name to the preferable name you wish and save it as the diagram directed below

Yes we done on that check your profile now and see changes.

Using browsers to change name is also good, the interesting part is it typical
  1. Go to your prefer browser and type "", then sign in with your login details, after that take the first step by click on home which is at the top left
  2. Click on "profile" and next also click on "edit profile", where you will see a box to change name, use a suitable name and lastly hit on the "save"  to get job done.

How To Change Twitter Username

Like we said we are give two ways and also they are all typical, so just pick the one you feel is best

All you need is, open your Twitter app on your mobile phone
  1. One the app locate home and tap on it your see some options 
  2. Take the second step by clicking on the "settings and privacy", thirdly locate "account" and open it, you see "username" hit to open
  3. Fill in you " new username", now click on " done" which is the final step.

Simply go to your preferred browser and follow the instructions below

  1. Login your details on "", the proceed to the next step by clicking on "home" 
  2. Like I said the mobile and the browser format are typical, after the click on home, go to "settings and privacy", and click on account where you will see the "username" option
  3. Insert your new username and the "save".

Am sure we been able to help you change your decision on not creating a new account, and also help change your name and username on your account

If yes please try to comment, share and also subscribe to our page to get updates directly to you email inbox.


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