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How To Add Extra Widget To Blogger Header And Footer

How To Add Extra Widget To Blogger Header And Footer 

Blogger is one of the popular blogging platform, which is used mostly by newbies, blogger accept the use of external template and more others interesting features but the painful thing about blogger is you can go against laid down rules not like the other self-hosted platforms

Well HELPSUIT is not here to tell you what blogger is all about nor tell the way it helps, we are here to give you a well designed lecture on how to add extra widget to blogger header and footer

Most time, you may want to add new gadget on their layout, but unfortunately you find out you have exhausted the widget add to the layout, am sure it a bit confusing (widget & gadget), most people think of it to be the same but whatever name you give to it, do not mix the up.

Do you know their is different between widget & gadget?

There is a lot different between them, widget is the space/layout you put in your gadgets, while gadget are popular post, contact form, pages, and others which you use to display your content (we have 26 gadget in blogger), you can also learn how to add gadget to blog on blogger. Never the less we have prepared a lasting solution for you to add extra widget to any part of the layout sidebar on blogger blogspot
Before editing html please always remember to backup existing template, so it will be easy to correct any mistake on the html 

Learn: How to quickly backup, restore and upload files

After that let proceed
Here we have some step-by-step guide on how to do this with picture

Add Extra Widget To Blogger Header And Footer

  1. Login in to, sign-in your account and select the blog you want to add extra widget to 
  2. On the left side look for themes and click on it,
  3. After clicking on it, some features will appear, then select "edit html" and your html/JavaScript will display
  4. For PC (computer) user click on CTRL+F and your search bar will appear then search for
<b:section class= 'main menu' or search for the  title of the layout you want to increase, by typing title name, some title maybe header, footer , sidebar 1, sidebar 2, social footer and others.
   *Edit 'main menu' - put the the title of layout in between the '' to quick search
   * For phone user scroll still you see the layout tittle
   * Example of layout title is shown above (Instagram widget) and (social footer)
   5. After the search, on that same line where you saw those code, you will see maxwidget = '1' now increase '1' to any number you want and then click "save" to save your settings

Putting things to an end 

Am sure you are done adding extra widget to your blogger header and footer, now go back to your layout and see the magic, do remember this, whenever you are attempting to touch your *html* always do backup to avoid starting from scrab, and do remember to subscribe to our page so we can put in new updates directly to you.


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