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What Should I Blog About

What Should I Blog About

Are you a blogger finding it difficult to put in writing on your blog? 

Do you even know want to write or blog on? 

Do you know what blogging is all about? 

Have you given answers to the above questions?

Let give you a tip on what a blog is

What Is A Blog

Blog is the sharing of one's ideas and knowledge through the employment of Internet, that is sharing of one's own ideas and opinions.

First thing to do as a beginner is to think on what to blog on, this is the very first important thing to do as a beginner you have to know what you want to blog on so you would be encouraged to write more article. For example I as a blogger blog on Phone(software and hardware), business development and blog mentoring because I know more about this things.

I know it difficult for beginners to understand what to blog on, that why am giving this text out, for a beginner to beat this challenge. Below are what to be considered

Things To Be Considered Before Writing An Articles

1. Blog niche

Blog niche is you area of concentration i.e what you specialized on 
You need to understand this before putting a piece of information down, don't just pick up you pen and put in what not in line with your area of concentration. 

2. Your Audience 

You have to think about your readers before putting a write up, you may have a female readers don't make that mistake of placing male stuff on your blog,make write up on what your audience are expecting. 

OK let proceed, the reason we are reading this post is to know what to blog about, with this few words here you should be able to figure out "what you should blog about"

Most beginner find this difficult as said earlier but am assuring you after you finish reading this post ideas on what to putting in writing will come up.

Reason why you discover this difficulties is because you do not really know what blogging is all about, some people just think blogging is about gossiping, talking about celebrities, news and talking about funny things.
With this low idea, you find it hard to publish a post because you do not know where to get all this from, you may even end up doing copy and paste which is not permitted by Google. Most beginners ditch their skills they learnt, i told you blogging is sharing of information you know.

What every you putting in writing as a beginner you should know about it, you can blog on any thing. Let me give you a clue on what to blog on. Do you every wonder why I blog on Phone(software and hardware)? 
It because I am an phone engineer so I know much about this job and also good at mentoring! I will want you to see blog as your office or workshop where you teach apprentice how to carry-out same skills, using this format it will be very easy for you to write an article. If you have an idea on any work or skills you can blog on it.

What To Blog About

Most time thinking of what to blog about take your time, and to avoid unnecessary stop while blog you have to take your time to fish out a better option, here we have many options so pick the one that you suit you.

 1. What You like (Passion)

 2. What You Hate or What Makes You Angry 

 3. What You Do

 4. What You Read 

 5. Find Solutions To Problem

 6. What you do with children and what you want to tell them 

 7. Everything You Know

 8. Past Memories

 9. Your skills

Skills are one of the best options you should choose to blog about, because it something you are use to and know much about below are some of the skills to blog about

Skills To Blog About:
a. Fashion/Tailor b. Plumbing c. Software engineering or hardware engineering d. Photography e. Hairdressing f. Electronic devices g. Wiring h. Artwork i. Footwear j. Designs k. Fitness l. Business m. Catering n. Beauty therapist 

Note: When picking a topic, choose a topic you can last long on i.e a topic you can extend it branches and give a well detailed information.

After deciding on a good topic to blog about, you should proceed on write your first blog post 

First Blog Post To Write 

When you about to start blogging, you have to let your reader or audience know who you, relieving your identity give your audience a reason to stay with you. This are one of the post you should write before other content.

  • About You
As a blogger, you have to review your identity to the world, let them know about you, give the a well explanation about yourself, you can also include your difficulties so they can learn from it.

  • What Are You Blogging About
Since you have know what you want to blog about, it should not be difficult for you to tell the world,
Make them know what idea or skills you want to share and the benefit they will derive from learning.

  • Reason For Blogging
Every blogger has reason for blogging, state your reasons so your reader can help and support you 
Make your reason a good one, give your audience a better reason they shout invest in you.

  • Your Goals 
Set your goals, let them know what you will be achieving 2 years from know, state a well arrange aims and achieve your goals. 

Wrapping up

With all this stated, am sure you should have decided on what to blog about and also remember, do blog on what you can extend it branches to enable you write more on them 
If this article solve some of the your question, comment and share our post, also remember to subscribe to our mailing.


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