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How To Start Blogging For Beginners

How To Start Blogging For Beginners (Updated version)

Have you ever think of blogging before?

Do you know what blogging is all about?

Do you have zeal for it?

If Yes I will be showing you how to get start with it but before that you as a beginner need to know what blogging is all about. 

What is a Blog?  

A blog is a website that allow user to reflect, share opinion, and discuss various topic in a form of an online journal, while readers gives comment on various written topics. This blog can be in various form, it can be (Personal journal, News, Business and other interesting topics). 

Blogging is interesting if you have passion for it, even when you are not good in writing articles when you start blogging with zeal you will be perfect, but always remember to write in a way people will understand do not use words that are not easy to understand in blogging, make use of simple terms.

With what have written i hope you should understand what blogging is, it all about sharing of your known ideas to the mass and through this you get paid by Goggle when you are qualified for that. 

I know you will be thinking how do I start my own blog but before that let me give you a clue, you as a beginner should nerve blog because you want quick money, if you start with that idea i bet you, you won't make a good move. 

How To Start Blogging 

Starting a blog is a great idea, it makes your eyes open to the outside world and from this you learn a lot. Nevertheless you have to consider this few guide as a beginner before you start blogging to ensure safe trip to blogging world.

1. What Do I Blog On
 First thing to do as a beginner is to think on what to blog on, this is the very first important thing to do as a beginner you have to know what you what to blog on so you would be encouraged to write more article. For example I as a blogger blog on Phone(software and hardware), business development and blog mentoring because I know more about this things....What To Blog On

2.  Perfect Name For Blog
 As a beginner you have to be careful when choosing a name,you do not have to bump into giving your blog what every name that suit your own thought, you blog must be name after what every activities you do on it

Learn: How to pick perfect name for blog

It helps reader to quickly know what you passing out even without looking at your description, use my page for example Firstly when you hear it you know it a website not only that you also can guess what the site is all about, you may say it help for business, news, teaching and also stuffs..........

3. Select A Platform 
Blog platform are those platform use in creating your own blog. So many blog platforms are been use in creating blog in this present age, you can go for any of your choose. Below are the list of Platform available based on their levels:

b. Constant Contact Website Builder
c. Gator
e. Blogger
f. Tumblr
g.  Medium
h. Squarespace e.t.c. 

4. Get A Blog 
Whatever blog you have decided to use is the blog you get, but if you do not know what to choose I use BLOGGER for blogging. If you prefer that click on this How To Create Your Own Blog

5. Choose Your Template 
Template is a design use on blogger it helps you beautify your blog the way you want it and also give it a mature look, how to beautify blog and make it look professional, you should learn this to get audiences attention on your blog and also to improve your blogging skills

6. Write Articles and Promote It


I hope you've learn from this post, and also remember to implement those rules, comment, share and subscribe to get more post that will improve your blogging skills.

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