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How To Pick A Perfect Name For Blog

How To Pick A Perfect Name For Your Blog 

Are you finding it difficult to name your blog? 

Is your name not incorporate with your blog? 

Here are some solution to your problem

As a beginner you must not just bump into giving your blog what every name that suit your own thought, you blog must be name after what every activities you do on it

It helps reader to quickly know what you passing out even without looking at your description, use my page for example if it your first time hearing this name, with the dot-com, you know it a website not only that you can also guess what the site is all about, you may say it help for different things that give satisfaction (suit). 

I know it so add to just tag a name to a blog because I also face that problem of give a name to my blog but with the help of research, am sure you can beat this. 

What To Consider Before Naming A Blog

As a beginner things need to be check and consider before name a blog because if you don't you will have to keep change names which might lead to losing of audience 

1. What am I blogging on

What you blogging on really matter a lot when selecting names it quickly get readers attention when they sees your site name 
Sometimes using a funny name catch reader attention they will want to stop by and look what in it, I don't say you should use a funny name that is not in line with your niche 

2. Is it easy to spell and understand

It important to make give a unique and not too long word to a blog you don't have to give a name of everything you doing 
Maybe you want to blog on pictures, fashion, and lifestyle and you go ahead and say your blog name is 'picture fashion and lifestyle blog', you have to find a keyword that best describe it

3.  Niche

Niche is a specific place of concentration i.e where you concentrate the aims of your blog, like I said you don't choose your name outside your blog niche
You can be blogging on tech and and decide to name your blog beauty, it will actually cause confusion to the audience

How To Choose A Perfect Name For Your Blog 

Choosing a perfect name for a blog is the best way to get audience concentration, below are some tips to get this done. 

1. Merge blog niche

When choosing a name blending of name with niche is important i.e Niche+Name= Perfect blog name. 
You may want to blog on food make people know it about food not just choosing any name

2. Audience 

Knowing the type of readers/audience you want to pass message across to also give better choosing of blog name
Audience at those who pass information to they maybe female, male, youth, children, parent. And knowing this  gives you hint any name you picking must be inline with them

3. Name generator 

Name generator are those tools using in creating names. We have many name generator which are Dominion, Nameboy, Panabee, e.t.c.

4. Communication 

Communication is the act of engaging in an exchange of information or ideas.
You can ask from friends, parent or anyone you share words to get you a befitting name for your blog.

5. Thesaurus 

Thesaurus is a book of group of words or informations about a particular field. This book help you look for similar word which you will like to use for your blog.

6. Check Competitors

Go on Google type what you what to blog on and people that do the same will pop out on your page check how they name their use the idea to  give yours a better name.

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