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How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogspot Blogger

How To Use Custom Permalink On Blogspot Blogger

custom permalink for SEO ranking

I guess you may not know how to use custom permalink on blogspot blogger, and what it really means.

Maybe you have seen it on your blogger but you just ignore it as nothing, well it might be important and it may not be, this is depending on what you use your blog for and how much rank you want it to gain.

What Is Custom Permalink

Custom Permalink is used to remove some of the long or extending words from permalink and this help SEO on search engine ranking.

Below is an example
Automatic permalink

Custom Permalink

As shown above the custom permalink doesn't have how-to-use again I made use of the important words I need. Earlier blogger has no option for custom permalink that why it rank low, but now it has been include. Let show you how to make use of it

How To Use Custom Permalink

Using custom permalink you have to follow this guide so you won't make mistake, if your custom permalink doesn't match with your post, am not sure if it can rank high. So guide yourself with this instructions
  1. Keywords - when you changing your permalink, make use of the keywords, so as to avoid making it long.
  2. Most search word - it better if you utilize frequent search word when planning a post 
  3. Remove common words - words like how, so, on, that.......should be remove if it not important.
  4. Don't spam - am very sure you know what spamming is, when you making use of custom permalink please don't spam, for those that doesn't know what it mean check this example out 
Automatic permalink
Custom permalink

What I just did is spamming when someone is trying to search for how to make money and your site how to use custom permalink appear , if your try it your account might get shutdown.

Where Is Custom Permalink Located

It is located at the post setting which is at the left side


In Blogger permalink, we have different ways to put characters in url, it either you use (a-z) or (A-Z) or (Ab-Yz) and characters like Dot(.), Underscore(_), and Dash(-). What am saying is 
  • How-To-Use-Custom-Permalink
  • how-to-use-custom-permalink
But I prefer you use dash instead of dot or underscore.
One other thing, do not change url of already publish post so as to avoid 404 error, but if you can set a 301 redirection you free then.


Like I said using custom permalink on blogspot blogger is good in improving SEO but follow each step provided by HELPSUIT and also read other post to improve your blogging skills,don't forget to share, comment and subscribe to our post. 


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