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How To Quickly Backup, Restore, And Upload Files

How To Quickly Backup, Restore, And Upload Files

Backup of files are extremely important on blogger to avoid losing of content when applying some HTML codes, backup tools are free tools on blogger so you do not have to worry much.

What Is Backup

Backup is the copy of files or other important item of data from it original source to elsewhere (Dropbox or Device), to switch the original one if it lost or damaged

Why Should I Backup Files

Like I said earlier backup is important, but let offer you a number of the important
  • When you backup a file you gain free access to a replica
  • You can easily replace after you loose the first file
  • Make work easy than to begin over 

How To Backup On Blogger

Do you know we have two variety of backup on blogger?
Let show you the 2 type 
  1. Backup Of Images and Contents
  2. Backup Of Themes/Template
Those are the two we've got, and we will be teaching how to implement them.

   1.  Backup Of Images and Content

a. Login to your blogger and click on setting 
 b. Then click on others and follow the following steps by tapping on backup content
 c. Save to your device by clicking on step 4 and your files are copy, remember to save your file to a secured place like Dropbox

   2.  Backup Of Themes/Template

 a. Login to the blog your want to backup template

 b. Locate themes on that and click on it, then follow the following step by click on backup and restore as directed below 

 c. Then make use of the Download theme button to backup up your recent theme. It will be save to your computer or device,you done for that 

We done for all backup on blogger, let walk to the next article base on restore 

Restore and upload files 

Restore is  bringing back of data or knowledge that's absent for a few period to that formal position.

Upload is the inserting of images, files, and webpage into another webserver. Uploading pic to your FB may be a example of upload

How To Restore And Upload On blogger 


To upload files on blogger is straightforward, it easy to upload theme you have downloaded from other website or the template you purchased or made.

To do that all you need is:
 1. Sign in blogger account 
 2. Select theme  and click on backup/restore

 3. Choose template you acquired or downloaded from file by click tag 3, then upload. Preview your site to determine changes


In blogger you can restore in two ways which is your template backup and also your content and image backup

Doing this you've got to abide with this step-by-step guide 
 1. Login in to blogger, select the blog your want to revive it file
 2. Click on theme, next tap backup/restore  as shown below 

 3. Choose the file you would like to revive to from your storage and lastly click upload to restore it.

Follow the guide below to actualize your goals
 1. Also login in to your blogger
 2. Click on setting 
  3. The following will be enlightened locate import content and click on it
 4. Mark that question in tag 4 (I'm not a robot), then import your file from your device.


With those easy steps above, we hope have been able to guide you to your destination, read more post on blogging to boost your blogging skills. Do share, comment and subscribe on our post to get more. Thank you.


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