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How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites

How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Websites

Back to top buttons play an important role in a website, it helps readers to quickly stroll back to content sighted earlier

This button is needed mostly in long articles, so as to make it easy and convenient to scroll back to top button in just one touch.

Some template brings this button along but am such free template on blogger does not come ls with it, if you have yours already but you do not like do not hesitate to pick of the plugin am dropping below

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Back To Top Plugin

Here am going to give you five back to top button, and a easy way to insert it to your website
So choose the image you want to use, those little shape inside the image is what will display on your screen.

Note: Those plugin are powered by SNEEIT big thanks to them

How To Add Back To Top Plugin On Blogger

Doing this is the easiest because you not going to edit html, so no need of being afraid

 1. Sign and login to the blog you want to add this to

 2. Click on layout and add a new gadget, by click on the + sign, select HTML/JAVASCRIPT

 3. In the open box named content, add this code in their


<a rel="nofollow" style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:10px;right:5px;
" href="#" title="Back to Top"><img src="


Note: To change code to the prefer one remove the link in that code and place your prefer link i.e change from {} in the above code

 4. When you done with that save settings and preview to check what you did

In short way

Well we done with that, am sure that was not stressful and now you now in another state of blogging. Pls share, comment, follow and subscribe to this post to get more Blogging articles that will boost your skills


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