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How To Add And Change Favicon On Blogspot Blogger

How To Add And Change Favicon On Blogspot Blogger

Have you been reading post and not getting how to add favicon on your blog?

Some may not be familiar with the word Favicon, but don't get disturb we will give you a clear and understandable tips on how this work, before that let consider what Favicon is and the important.

What Is Favicon

Favicon is a small square icon, located at the left side of a website url. It is usually in size (16x16px, or 32x32px, or 48x48px).

Those small image above is the favicon of their website, and as can see those image, am sure you can actually tell the owner of each site and also give their names.
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Important Of Favicon

We have so many important but I will give you some of them 
  • Favicon allow user to easily recognize your blog
  • It also stand as your blog brand 
  • Makes blog design look good 


Pls this are what you should consider before creating a Favicon 
  1. Use simple favicon
  2. Don't place too much words 
  3. Make it recognizable 
  4. Don't keep changing image make plans before execution
After all these then you good to go, your next question who be how can I create a Favicon, it so easy that your don't need any specialist expect you just want people to comment before adding. All you need it use any logo creator or wordpress and all some of stuff you can use to generate logos.

When you don't use this link to generate your favicon to 16×16px favicon-generator. Choose file you just created, make sure you click generate 16×16. And that all, so let apply it to blog

How To Add And Change Favicon

 1. Sign in blogger and choose the blog you want to add favicon 
 2. Locate layout and click on it, when the layout feature are out, look for Favicon it always at the top of all layout click edit. 

 3. Choose file from your device and add to it,the click save. If you are to change first remove the old one and replace with new file.

Putting this to an end 

I hope have help you fixed your favicon in the right place, pls share, comment, and subscribe to get more articles that will improve your blogging skills.


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